Fixing the Google+ Engagement Problem

Google has a real problem with Google+ engagement – especially with new users. If unchecked, Facebook will use its deeper, more distributed engagement to better understand people’s interests and threaten Google’s core business. Here are some ideas on how to address the situation.
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Gideon Rosenblatt writes about the impact of technology on people, organizations and society at Alchemy of Change. He is a technologist with a background in business and social change. For nine years, Gideon ran Groundwire, a mission-driven technology consulting group, dedicated to building a more sustainable world. Prior to that, he spent ten years at Microsoft in various marketing, product development and management positions, where he developed CarPoint, one of the world's first large-scale e-commerce websites. Gideon was raised in Utah, lived and worked in Japan and China for several years, and now lives in Seattle with his wife and two boys. More details on Gideon here.
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  1. Really interesting. I would much rather Google took this type of approach than pushing me ‘What’s Hot’ content – I’ll be far more engaged if Google can connect me with people with whom I share interests.

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