Social Change

As Tech Seeks Wisdom, It Must Remember Its Humanity

A surprise protest at the Wisdom 2.0 conference offers the tech community an important perspective on the future of wisdom.

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Why So Many Social Change Organizations Struggle

When nonprofit organizations with issue-specific, niche missions organize themselves around individual donor fundraising, it creates waste, dysfunction and drains power away from real social change.

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Networks, Organizations and Movements

When thinking about social change movements, networks teach us that it all comes down to the human connection.

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When Organizational Goals Clash with Social Change Goals

This morning I received an online petition to support changes to US fuel efficiency standards, and the reasons I didn't sign it say a lot about the problems of the social change sector today.

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The Heart of the Occupation

Like new-born hearts, beating and radiating from many locations and in all directions, the Occupy Movement is reframing our environmental and social problems as the symtoms of one root cause: the concentration of wealth and its corruptive influence on business and government. The vibrancy of this movement is giving courage to many, and may even shift the way the Tea Party thinks about the real problems now facing America.

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Keeping Wall Street Like Cairo, Not London

What we are seeing in Occupy Wall Street and related events around the country is our youth, at least some small segment of it, telling us that everything is not alright. They are telling us that our social fabric is stretched to a dangerous point of fraying.

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Citizens United v. United Citizens: Building a Movement to Drive Money Out of Politics

I'll raise you twenty...million.

This article originally published on the Huffington Post. Friday, January 21st, marks the one-year anniversary of “Citizens United,” a Supreme Court case that dramatically accelerates the corruptive force of money in U.S. politics. When money flows in our economy, it’s a fuel that helps businesses flourish and people make a living. When money flows in our political system, however, it’s ...

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Climate Skeptic Monument

Where's the water line?

Here’s an idea that’s sure to please both sides of the climate “debate.” Let’s build a giant monument to all those who oppose taking action to prevent climate change. We can call it the Climate Skeptic Monument. Here’s a very rough plan for how it might work. I’ll leave it to others who are more politically astute than I am ...

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