The Truth Machine: The Lie Detector in Your Next Pair of Glasses

Eulerian Video Magnification is a new video processing technology that could soon turn your phone – or even your glasses – into a lie detector.

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Network Density: What is It – and How Do You Calculate It?

Learn how to calculate network density with some quick examples of this important measure of network health and effectiveness.

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WordPress as a Regenerative Business

WordPress maker, Automattic’s latest “regenerative” $50 million investment round keeps it focused on the long road ahead.

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Creating Business Value

Stop for a moment and think of something you own that you really value.

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Social Impact Strategy and Business

Social impact strategy aligns societal and business objectives, creating enormous brand value in the process.

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Defining What Social Means in Business

The Battle to Define “Social Business”: A David and Goliath Story.

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Our Egos and Business


What happens when egos get too wrapped up in work? When we confuse our title, position and even our organization with our sense of self? The Ego in Business – the latest article in Alchemy of Change’s successor site, The Vital Edge.    

Klout, Influence, and the Future of Business

Klout helps companies better understand the influence of employees and customers, and this opens the firm more fully to the outside world. Despite its many problems, Klout not only symbolizes the growing importance of influence in marketing, but the increasingly permeable nature of the firm.

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Soulful Work – My Interview with Big Life

An interview with Shelly Immel from Big Life, where she helps me cut to the essence of my work on making business a better force for good in the world.

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Fixing the Google+ Engagement Problem

Google has a real problem with Google+ engagement – especially with new users. Here are some ideas on how to address the situation.

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