Creative Inspiration in Design

The idea behind all technological innovation is but an ember in the Great Fire of Creation itself. Innovation is creation and it is just the reflection of this greater force drawn down through the medium of Human Consciousness. In this important sense, all of Creation is an Outpouring of the Universe’s Intrinsic Creativity. We see human design, and believe it is somehow distinct, or different, from what we see as “natural” but the truth is that there is no such clear line.

The systems that Humanity now designs are, in this important sense, simply a second wave, an echo, of the Original Creative Force. No less Beautiful or Mysterious. We convince ourselves that we know the origins of this design or that plan, but the truth is that the process of intuitive, generative development is far from clear and far from separate from the Unifying Force that tugs through Nature. We are a reflection of this Creativity, a shimmering upon neural seas of patterns that originate far, far beyond us.

Our Magic, our Beauty, is our Ability to break through the bonds of habitual patterns in our minds and connect with this Greater Source of Creative Inspiration. For this is where All Greatness Originates, regardless of the particular facade it chooses on this plane of Reality.