The Arch

An arch of light stretched o’er head,
Ever growing through pain and ache,
Acts of love streak out all sides,
Leaving creation in its wake.

Nestled deep within, so black, so old,
Void rises up through space,
As experience reflects upon
Her own loving, lovely face.

Light sparks to life within us
When this marriage we do see,
Our very core lit up in knowing
The glow inside is me.

In mythic vision, we do see,
Through imagination’s hold,
Gift in hand, do we return
With shared meaning as our gold.

So too, our ancestors
This veil of truth did part,
Encoded in their stories
As heroes of the heart.

Our sadness is this loss
Of a gaze that once was mystical,
In its place, an icy stare
Through glasses, clear as crystical.