The Inner Dimension

In the land before time, in the time before space, there is a mode of being that resides within us. This precious, sacred space is brought to you through an awakening of that which lies within. To call it subjective is the modern parlance, but what is important to understand is that this aspect of reality is fundamental. It is the grounding and the Ground of our experience on this plane of reality.

This is not to say that there is no physical explanation for what it is that we feel on the inside. All of creation has this inner experience even though it is only humanity that is self-aware of its existence. This capacity for self-reflection is what sets humanity apart from nature. It is what causes humans to see themselves as something “other” than this interconnected fabric of consciousness that wraps all of physical reality from — and on — the inside. There are physical explanations for ‘how’ we feel this or that but as hard as we search, there is no simple solution to ‘why.’ This is because the internal space, the inner dimension, is unfathomable through direct observation — with one exception.

That exception is the gaze we are capable of experiencing by looking inward on our own soul. We are allowed this one portal into the Consciousness of the Universe. If we are lucky, we will occasionally also receive sideways glimpses of the inner workings of the experience of others. We may have intuitive renderings of these other interior spaces, but no way of disentangling the subjective filter that our own way of being overlays upon that picture. This also, by the way, explains why we so value the soulful expression that artwork and literature provide as windows into the internal experience of Other. Even these expressive portals are limited, however, by the way our eyes, ears, and heart shape the signal on its way into our own interior dimension.

Though this impenetrability of the interior dimension may seem damningly frustrating from the perspective of clarity and truth, it is the protected nature of this experience, its secrecy, that makes it so very precious and so very sacred to begin with. Science will not stop until it has penetrated these doors unto the interior. It will knock and knock until the echoes of frustration fade into the knowing of the silent response. And in that marriage, our two modes of understanding become One.





  1. Beautiful writing. A lovely invitation to contemplation and reflection on the deeper issues at hand for all of us these days. Thanks for sharing, Gideon. A wonderfully packaged,
    powerful inspiration for us all to savor.

  2. You had me at marbles and mammileria. 🙂 The internal essence. Thank you.

  3. Gideon, what a beautiful peace, the marbles remind of The Glass Bead Game. 🙂
    The reason I chime in here is to just add that I firmly believe and know there is a way of joining inner spaces. Beyond language and beyond the senses.
    Also, it is such a treat to imagine science knocking and finally taking silence as an answer. 🙂

    • Thank you, Teodora. The marbles are from a cactus garden at my aunts’ place. I, of course, had to look up The Glass Bead Game and found this reference to how Hesse saw the actual game: “The game is essentially an abstract synthesis of all arts and sciences. It proceeds by players making deep connections between seemingly unrelated topics.” Hmmm…