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What would it take to make our companies and the other institutions in our lives more soulful places? I ask this question, not from the perspective of somebody trying to inject religion, or even necessarily spirituality into our places of work. Instead, I ask it from the perspective our shared humanity, that part deep within each of us that is greater than what we are on the surface.

The soulful company is the organization that knows how to not just tap that part of us, but feed it as well.

This website is where I ask you to join me in exploring the notion of the soulful company, which I first asked publicly in a big way at my TEDxRainier talk in 2011.

When I speak of the soulful company, it is not in reference to some idealized, old-fashioned company of yesteryear. I speak of it in future tense, as something we haven’t yet quite attained, even though there are signs of it now slowly emerging in a variety of organizations.

The soulful company that I envision is deeply intertwined with technological innovation, which is the other thrust of my writing. It harnesses the power of innovation and technological change, not just as a way to make profits, but also as a way to engage humanity more fully in the intrinsic meaning and dignity of work. In this sense, the soulful company is a catalyst for a “bright blue” revolution in the way companies connect with people, and like bright green environmentalism, it aims to provide a deeper sense of prosperity through the use of new technologies and improved design.

The  categories below represent some of my latest explorations on the edges of this notion of the soulful company. They will no doubt grow and change in the years ahead. For now, I encourage you to dive in, explore, and feel free to engage me in getting to know this coming shift in the way we organize our work.


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TEDx Talk on The Soulful Company

This is my November 2011 TEDxRainier talk on “The Soulful Company.” It’s designed to get us to start bringing together these two very different concepts: the company and the soul. The soulful company is the organization that knows how to not just tap that part of us, but feed it as well.


Soulful Work – My Interview with Big Life

An interview with Shelly Immel from Big Life, where she helps me cut to the essence of my work on making business a better force for good in the world.



Latest Articles on the Human Organization:

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