Soulful Work – My Interview with Big Life

There are some people who just seem to know how to draw out the best in you, and that’s how I feel about Shelly Immel’s interview of me for The Big Life Project. She helped me cut to the essence of my work to make business a better force for good in the world.

Below, you’ll find some outtakes highlighting a few key ideas from the interview. These are short, 2-3 minute clips.

The full interview is available in two parts:

Part I

In part 1 of the interview on “Soulful Work,” we talk about:

  • Key elements of Soulful Work: Human Connection & Meaning
  • “Big meaning” and “little meaning”
  • Why is business often on the wrong side of issues when so many employees are good people?
  • Communities of faith & community in business, and why separation is a good thing
  • “Luck doesn’t like a schmo.” Grandfatherly advice to live by.
  • Your Hero’s Journey to find meaning in your life
  • How to make technology amplify our humanity (not just serve productivity)
  • Companies as property vs. companies as community

Part II

In part 2 of the interview on “Soulful Work,” we talk about:

  • How size of organization relates to fostering community
  • Different models of organizing people to get things done
  • Who’s making workplaces more soulful? Young Entrepreneurs.
  • Soul Power!
  • Time to talk, or time to walk?
  • How to find your peeps and make your work more soulful – if not where you earn your living, then where you volunteer

I want to thank Shelly for coming up with such great questions and for the opportunity explain some of what I’m thinking about these days. It really was fun doing his interview with here and I highly recommend you check out her site.

What Makes Work Soulful: Connection & Meaning:


What is a Soulful Company?


“Luck Doesn’t Like a Schmo”


Your Hero’s Journey: Find Your Purpose


Soul Power! (how souls working together amplify each other)




  1. Gideon, you brought so much to our conversation! It was a joy to interview you. I think there’s no higher compliment to an interviewer than wanting to re-use the interview we did together. I hope you get lots of mileage out of it, and that it helps more people grok what you’re all about. Thanks for the shout out to my blog, too. Very kind.