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Alchemy of Change’s New Focus

I'm now resuscitating Alchemy of Change with a new focus on exploring the Soul.

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Soulful Work – My Interview with Big Life

An interview with Shelly Immel from Big Life, where she helps me cut to the essence of my work on making business a better force for good in the world.

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Four Ways to Improve Our Online Emotional Intelligence

It's one of the great tragedies of modern life that our amazing capacity for emotional intelligence gets short-circuited online. We need software that helps us not only retain, but augment our online emotional intelligence. Here are four areas to focus on and a plea for injecting anthropology into our software development process.

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If Companies are People, Where’s Their Soul?

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our political system, but to find its spirit, we must look to the Declaration of Independence. When our nation struggles with difficult questions, it is this document that serves as a North Star to keep us on course with our founding vision. One such question that we wrestle with today is whether our Constitution provides ...

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Powerful Connections Touch the Soul

This is a talk I gave last night for Social Venture Partners Annual Meeting. It was a really nice event, full of interesting people, moving talks and inspiring conversations. In this video, I ask what is becoming an increasingly interesting question to me: Is it possible to have a soulful connection with an organization?

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