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My name is Gideon Rosenblatt. Thanks for interrupting your tweeting to stop by. My writings here on Alchemy of Change cover a range of topics, but pivot on a central theme, which is keeping humanity burning bright in the organizations, technologies and other stuff we build.

I write mostly about the impact that technology has on people, organizations and society. Here’s a quick overview of what I cover on Alchemy of Change.

I’m a technologist with a background in business and social change. I worked at Microsoft for nearly ten years in marketing and building building some pretty cool stuff. I then ran a mission-driven technology consulting group, called Groundwire. Now I write. Want more detail? Here’s my full story.

As a fellow Twitter user, here are two articles you might like:

  • Twitter is Not a Social Network has some great stats on how people actually use Twitter and some conclusions about what the network really is – and is not.
  • Twitter’s Golden Egg is about people like you – “Information Networkers” who are the true engine of Twitter’s “real-time information network.”

Thanks again for stopping by and happy Tweeting!


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