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Connecting UsWhen humans are the organizing principle around which we build our companies, managing relationships becomes one of the most important tasks of the firm. Relationship-centric software is what helps people manage and engage other people in the work of the firm.

Relationship-centric software spans a broad spectrum of software categories, including Customer Relationship Management databases for firms and social networking services for individuals. Over time, the edges of these software categories will blur into one another, just as the organizational boundaries of the firm become increasingly fuzzy.

Soulful software recognizes the important role that relationships play in carrying out the work of the firm, but also recognizes that relationships are not just a means to these ends – but an end in and of themselves.


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Why Our Software Needs Social Context

There will soon be a day when the majority of our online social interactions will occur through mobile devices, and we will face a much more intensely social world than we can even imagine today. When that day comes, our software will need to be much smarter at recognizing people’s social context.


Latest Articles on Relationship-Centric Software:

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