Gigwalk – Mechanical Turk Meets Yelp

The Next Web has an good article on the startup Gigwalk – a kind of Amazon Mechanical Turk meets Yelp or foursquare. It’s an interesting idea, especially in times like these when so many people are looking for incremental, low-barrier income streams.

It’s no secret that the rise of mobile devices is creating an explosion of local apps and services. Several years back (on my previous blog), I published a piece called “The Local Tail” that anticipated some of this movement. It’s wonderful to see this taking off so strongly now though, and I love the fact that companies like Gigwalk are now emerging, and that they’re engaging people in such creative new ways.

It’s a great example of what I call “third-order engagement.”


  1. Hi

    Do you know how gigwalk recruited its first gigwalkers or recruits gigwalkers in new markets. I’m developing a business idea that involves recruiting a similar sort of remote, part-time, workforce, and it would be great to hear how others have done it.

    Thank you