When people come together to carry out the work of an organization, they participate in the creation of shared meaning.

There are many ways that organizations create shared meaning. Employees work with one another, they work with partners and they work with customers and other stakeholders to create a difference in the world…to create meaning. That meaning may be a world-changing mission or it may simply be the intense personal sense of meaning that individuals get from being deeply involved in the work of the organization.

No financial man will ever understand business because financial people think a company makes money. A company makes shoes, and no financial man understands that. They think money is real. Shoes are real. Money is an end result. – Management Guru, Peter Drucker


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I love it when a scientist comes along and proves something that, on an intuitive level, I just knew had to be true. That’s what just happened for me while watching Martin Nowark talk about his work on cooperation…. Just as I suspected: cooperation isn’t all fluffy white bunnies.


In Connection We Trust

I just got back from a few days down at The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in San Jose, thanks to some coaxing from my friend, Kaliya Hamlin. In this post, I thought I’d share some observations from the trip on the future of the web – and the future of society. A Growing Interest inTrust The issue …


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