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Why Our Software Needs Social Context

There will soon be a day when the majority of our online social interactions will occur through mobile devices, and we will face a much more intensely social world than we can even imagine today. When that day comes, our software will need to be much smarter at recognizing people's social context.

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Four Ways to Improve Our Online Emotional Intelligence

It's one of the great tragedies of modern life that our amazing capacity for emotional intelligence gets short-circuited online. We need software that helps us not only retain, but augment our online emotional intelligence. Here are four areas to focus on and a plea for injecting anthropology into our software development process.

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In Connection We Trust

I just got back from a few days down at The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in San Jose, thanks to some coaxing from my friend, Kaliya Hamlin. In this post, I thought I’d share some observations from the trip on the future of the web – and the future of society. A Growing Interest inTrust The issue of online trust is very ...

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