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Testing the Wisdom of Crowds

When we help people aggregate their wisdom in independent, diverse and decentralized ways, the resulting "wisdom of crowds" can be uncannily accurate.

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How the Web Transforms Consumerism and What That Means to Organizations

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”

The web has changed a lot of things about the way we consume media. It’s flipped our primary communications infrastructure from a one-way, to a two-way flow of information – and that change in the way we communicate is redefining who we are. Businesses and organizations of all types need to understand that their customers and other stakeholders are no ...

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Cooperation is Never Perfect

Just as I suspected: cooperation isn’t all fluffy white bunnies.

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The Deep Science of Cooperation: Martin Nowak

I'll help you, you help me

If you are interested in cooperative studies or just want to build a more collaborative culture in your place of work, watch the below 20 minute talk by Martin Nowak. It’s based on his (and Roger Highfield’s) new book: SuperCooperators: Altruism, Evolution, and Why We Need Each Other to Succeed. Nowak starts the talk with an overview of the key milestones ...

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The Biology of Organizational Intelligence – It’s People

Membranes are people too

People are what connects an organization to the world around it.

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“Friend Discovery” Revolutionizes How Organizations Collaborate

Social CRM is the Intersection of CRM and the Social Graph

Friend Discovery connects an organization's CRM database with the social networks of its customers. That helps customers connect with friends who also care about the organization's work - and that's a game-changer.

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What American Idol Teaches Us About Customer Engagement

You’re probably too cool to watch American Idol, right? I’m not. I think it’s a brilliant show that also has something to teach organizations about engaging their stakeholders. Contestants sing their hearts out every night and some of the performances are truly touching. Check out Jacob Lusk pouring his heart out in the video clip below. He literally breaks down ...

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Balancing Tasks & Relationships – The Art of Engagement

Engagement is what brings tasks and relationships together. Engagement is the process of building relationships with people and putting those relationships to work to accomplish some goal.

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+1 The Creativity of Relationships

I usually think better when I’m talking with someone. There’s something about the process of sharing an idea that instantly makes it better. There’s the obvious aspect of this, which is getting good feedback from another person and iterating on an idea until it gets better and better. But I’m talking about something else. There are times when the person ...

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