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Place-Based Networks: A New Kind of Social Network

Place-Based Networks are mobile social networks that help you connect with other people based on your shared interest in a place.

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Place is a Tag: How Our Phones Should Work

Get ready for the geo-tag - and a revolution in the way you use your phone to search the places around you!

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Why Our Software Needs Social Context

There will soon be a day when the majority of our online social interactions will occur through mobile devices, and we will face a much more intensely social world than we can even imagine today. When that day comes, our software will need to be much smarter at recognizing people's social context.

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Robots Rising…

Small pieces, loosely joined....

We are sitting at the edge of the age of robots. Over the last year, a couple of interesting things happened that will greatly speed up the evolution of robots. Last year, hackers rather quickly figured out that they could reuse a Microsoft Xbox Kinect 3D sensor as a low-cost form of machine vision – that’s right, technology to help ...

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